5th Annual ScareFest Storms Kentucky *Now With Video*


For the fifth year in a row, Horror and Paranormal Convention “ScareFest” has invaded downtown Lexington Kentucky! This year’s event did not disappoint! Several celebrity guests attended the event this year including:

Chandler Riggs (Carl from The Walking Dead)
RJ Haddy and Beki Ingram (Season Two of SyFy’s FaceOff)
Tyler Mane (Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s Halloween and H2, X-Men)
Derek Mears (Jason in the new “Friday the 13th)
R.A. Mihailoff (Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3)
Jonathan Breck (The Creeper from the “Jeepers Creepers” series)
Psychic/Medium Chip Coffey (Psychic Kids on A&E)
Josh Gates (Destination Truth on SyFy)
Aaron Goodwin, Nick Groff, and Billy Tolley (Ghost Adventures)
Tony Todd (Candyman, Final Destination)
Cleve Hall (SyFy’s “Monster Man”)
Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes)
Dee Wallace (ET, The Howling)
Patti Starr (Paranormal Investigator)
Chris Sarandon (Voice of Jack Skellington, Child’s Play)
Joe Chin, Susan Slaughter, Paul Bradford and Scott Tepperman (Ghost Hunters International)
RJ Haddy and Beki Ingram (Season Two of SyFy’s FaceOff)
The Booth Brothers (Paranormal Filmmakers, SyFy, Chiller)
& Many Others

The event kicked off Friday September 28th with lectures and Q&A’s from the Ghost Hunters International Cast, the Face Off Cast, Paranormal Investigator Chris Fleming, and an “Impossible Magic” show. It was a pretty busy evening and fans kept the celebrities signing all night long.

There were also several vendors set up all weekend long. They were selling classic vintage action figures and other horror/fantasy/zombie/paranormal memorabilia and gear. Others were taking photos of Auras and giving purifying cleansing foot baths. ScreamPark, the local haunted attraction, had a terrifying electric chair set up where they were “jolting” ScareFest goers all weekend long!

Saturday the 29th was a day also filled with celebrity lectures, panels, and Q&A’s. They included a Josh Gates Q&A, a Chip Coffey Gallery reading, Rob Zombie’s Halloween Panel, Cleve and Constance Hall Q&A, The Booth Brothers “Pitching Your Show To Hollywood”, and a performance by Aaron Houdini.

The convention started to wrap up on Sunday the 30th, with celebrities signing through 1:00 PM.

The Scarefest was a FANTASTIC convention and I would highly recommend it to anyone. What I like most about the event is that unlike several other multi-day conventions, MOST of the celebrities were there signing and talking to fans all day, every day. Unfortunately this year there were some unforeseen/unavoidable last minute cancellations (Malcolm McDowell, John Bernthal, Clive Barker), but non-the-less ScareFest was a great success as far as I see it and I can’t wait to attend again next year.

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