An Amazing Baldur’s Gate II Scene Gets An Update


Baldur’s Gate II. Looking back on about 17 years of gaming, I think I can safely say that it is my favorite game of all time (which I usually lump the original Baldur’s Gate in with just). That’s not to say other games haven’t come after that have been AMAZING. But none have ever had the same effect on me that Shadows Of Amn/Throne Of Bhaal did. On a side note, I’ll be publishing the love letter to the wonderful Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition here in a bit, because I can’t wait for it. Like a lot y’all. That’s the best I can articulate it without a bunch of squeals and strange noises.

So. When I saw Kotaku posted this video of one of my favorite moments from BG2, I had to share. Done in the Dragon Age map editor by YouTuber Dahlia Lynn, the scene right after you escape from Irenicus’ dungeon and he fights the Cowled Wizards gets a crazy awesome update into the 3D realm. It’s nearly perfect. The sounds fit perfectly, even 12 years later (except maybe Imoen’s hit sound, which is a little…lame). But it’s crazy to see it realized in 3D.

Now the prospect of people trying to recreate this amazing game in Dragon Age: Origins is pretty awesome. However it does have the danger of many fan remakes to get squashed like so many other fan remakes, such as the attempt at a 3D remake of Chrono Cross. So it’d be cool if they were ever able to complete it. Funnily enough the ones that tend to get squashed seem to be the ones that garner a lot of press. So maybe we should all just not talk about it ever?

You can check out their little operation in the description of the video above:


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