Can’t Wait: Sims 3 Supernatural


To say I’m yearning for the Sims 3: Supernatural would be quite the understatement. I’ve been a fan of The Sims since day one. Perhaps it stems from an awful need to control everything. Ever. Whatever the case, I’ve always gone after every expansion (except for 1′s House Party) and some Stuff Packs (I’m more choosey about those) from all three games. I absolutely love it.

So, when Supernatural was announced I was pretty ecstatic. I love magic and the supernatural in all things I do, whether games, movies, tv, and pretty much everything. Makin’ Magic was the best part of The Sims 1, and to see it revived for the Sims 3 is delicious. September the 4th really can’t come fast enough.

So. With an embargo on information on two of my favorite creatures, Witches and Vampires, having just been lifted today I’m quite happy. In a frustrated “Don’t care how, I want it now” sorta way. So, finally, EA’s official blog post about witches. And some other stuff:

My favorite place to find info about the Sims franchise in general is The folks over there are fantastic about getting up to date info on everything Sims, including organized and detailed info pages that compile all the confirmed info about the new expansion. Which isn’t limited to just Supernatural, but the also long awaited and not as niched Seasons expansion.

So if you’re a Sims fan and haven’t already then be sure to check em out:


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