EMERGENCY! One Of The Best Games Ever Is Less Than $3 For Limited Time!!


This is a story about two of my favorite things: the website gog.com, and the Freedom Force series. For those who don’t know (which is unfortunately quite a few of you I’m afraid) Freedom Force was an amazing game that took place in Patriot City, in what looks to be a Kennedy-esque time period of issues with Russia and other such trappings. Meanwhile in space, an alien race plans to drop mysterious Energy X canisters on Earth’s worst criminals, which will provide them with superpowers and cause Earth to destroy itself. However the one benevolent member of said alien race beats them to it, and drops the cannisters too early. They hit good and bad alike all over the world, setting the stage for heroic antics, the formation of a hero team, and telling a fun and interesting story that will set up an even more interesting story for the sequel. The sequel Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich (the game in question that is currently under $3 at GOG) is set during a Cuban Missile crisis, and our heroes get caught between that, soviet sorceresses and a possible Nazi resurgence. The dialogue is over the top, the visuals are bright and striking, and it even lets you create your own hero AND powers from scratch. So you can choose what type of attack (beam, projectile, melee, area, etc), its various attributes (damage type, accuracy, range, area) and then its visual effect. While the choices are not infinite, it’s more than many games provide today, and with a little imagination, you can have your Batman and Superman proxys duke it out to test those comic book mash ups once and for all.*

GOG (or Good Ol’ Games if I’m not mistaken) is a site for just that; good ol’ games. I’ve digitized a majority of my old collection, replacing not only Freedom Force II but the Baldur’s Gate series, Icewind Dale, Lords of Magic and a few others. They are a fantastic site, and they frequently have sales that they advertise on Facebook and through their newsletter, even though many of them titles are $10 or less. So you go nao! Buy and nostalgize (not an actual word).

Oh, and the original point of all this was that Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich is less than $3 until tommorrow. Not only is it great fun, but it’s the perfect laptop game! Find it at www.gog.com.

*WARNING: This can provide to be a MASSIVE time sink as you tweak and perfect their abilities to try and get them as accurate as possible. And then develop a flow chart of match ups, all to determine an ultimate victor…you has been warned.


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