Gentle Giant Has New Loot Up For Pre-Order


Gentle Giant has crafted some new loot, notably their new line of vintage Star Wars toys that harken back to the days of low safety standards and when lead paint roamed free. But seriously, their vintage Star Wars collection is sans lead paint and still pretty cool.

It’s an assortment of new figures made to look like the figures of yesteryear. Only, these are 12” instead of the wee size of the old figures of yore, which gives them a bit more room to represent. One of these bad boys is perhaps THE bad boy of the Star Wars universe: Boba Fett. The ‘Jumbo Vintage Kenner Rocket-Firing Boba Fett’ is a recreation of that infamous toy that was touted to be so dangerous to youth’s pulling a Luke Skywalker, pointing dangerous things in their eyes. Also mentioned were a jumbo vintage Gamorean Guard, and a jumbo vintage cantina play set.

Gentle Giant has also released some new busts. There are some cool new Iron Man, Gollum, and Venom busts. However the ones that I think stand out the most are the walking dead busts of our gentleman leader Rick Grimes and the Well Walker. Rick is not only astutely well sculptured, but he comes with his own hat! He also sports a nifty revolver and an expression that captures his world weary leadership position. And the Well Walker (the one that was trapped in the Greene family farm’s well) is delightfully detailed and grotesque, down to his sagging jowls and exposed intestines. And I don’t even like zombies. They’re perfect for the upcoming Walking Dead season, as well as Halloween. And who doesn’t love a good multi use mini bust? That’s right, we all do.

You can check it all out in Gentle Giant’s interweb home at


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