Great Games For Halloween Time Fun


If you’re like me, you’re probably too old to go trick or treating, and too lame to go to a Halloween party on a weekday. So, how to celebrate this splendiferous holiday? With games of course! Here are some nifty ones to get you in that Halloween spirit…some of them literally so.

The Organ Trail

Available on iOS, Android, Facebook and on the web, The Organ Trail is…a wondrous experience. It’s The Oregon Trail meets The Walking Dead. And it’s exactly as awesome as that sounds. The gents at The Men Who Wear Many Hats have crafted a perfect blend of the two. Your wagon is now a station wagon, complete with up-gradable sections, such as wheels, headlights, fender and more. You’re supplies boil down to food, scrap (to repair your car), medicine, ammo, car parts. Instead of shooting at little green animals for food, you shoot at shambling green zombies just to avoid being attacked. It also comes complete with charming old school Oregon Trail graphics, and pit stops at malls, strip clubs, and various other typical zombie apocalypse havens. However, don’t let it fool you. It’s been a long time since I’ve been scared like I have playing The Organ Trail, frantically trying to avoid the little green menaces for fear of not collecting that little piece of scrap. What’s even better is that they’re running a Halloween update through November 7th. It makes the stronger zombies wear pumpkin heads, food bundles are piles of candy, and there may a Frankenstein type thing lurking out among the zombies. Quickly! The apocalypse is upon us!!

The Sims 3

Perhaps my second favorite game of all time, the Sims 3 is one of the best to play out your Halloween dreams. With the Supernatural expansion that was released last month, the time has never been better. Sort of. The Seasons expansion is actually just around the corner (mid November), and will actually add the ability to celebrate “Spooky Day” by dressing up like lunatics and trick or treating. But for now, Supernatural adds a bevvy of awesome classic creatures, such as werewolves, witches, vampires, fairies and zombies to get you into that Halloween mood. Want that zombie apocalypse? Well, switch the moon to always full and let the hijinks ensue! Personally, I’ll have a witch go around setting fire to things and turning people into statues. Good times…

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines

For the uninitiated, White Wolf’s table top RPG ‘Vampire’ was adapted by the late Troika Games into an AMAZING, if somewhat buggy, RPG that really gripped you. It’s atmosphere is perhaps still the best of any game I’ve played (haunted hotel anyone?) and the character and game play choices alone make many games out there look like something off a Gameboy Color. The only thing that makes it almost perfect is the player made patch that fixes many bugs and restores a bunch of content that Troika didn’t have time to finish before their demise. Oh and it’s on sale for $4.99 on Steam right the hell now. So go. Be embraced.

The Secret World

An MMO, The Secret World is for those looking for a bit of change in your online game. Almost brand new, the fledgling game is set amongst the Cthulu mythos sprung forth from one H. P. Lovecraft. Just like ‘Vampire’ it’s atmosphere is pretty wicked, along with many of the horrors you’ll face…or even just hear lurking about. It also takes a slightly different take on skills, letting you choose any from their wheel of some 400+ skills. The best part, however, is easily the missions. You hear the phrase “story driven” thrown around a lot these days, but no one’s been able to do it better than The Secret World (imho. I haven’t played Guild Wars 2 yet, so who knows). Nearly all the missions are interesting to one degree or another, but the investigation missions really push you to research and use that ol’ noggin to progress through them. It’s a refreshing break from the old fetch quests we’ve come to know and hate. This one is also part of Steam’s Halloween sale at 25% off.


Speaking of the apocalypse…The only game on here that I haven’t actually played myself, Lucius basically seems to be The Omen: The Game. You play Damie…I mean Lucius, son of the devil. He’s been adopted into a rich family, and dear ol’ daddy has tasked him with killing them all. Oh and he’s 6. So the object of the game is to run about trying to kill everyone without getting caught or exposing Lucius’ powers. Oh yes, the little bastard is equipped with telekinesis, telepathy and a host of other demonic abilities to help him in his goals. It seems like a mix between The Omen and the game Bully, and I’m pretty damn intrigued. Also part of Steam’s sale at 15% off.

So? What about y’all? Anything spooky fun you like to play on the Halloween?


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  1. avatar Nikki Davidson says:

    I’m always a supporter of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It’s the only computer game I’ve ever liked enough to finish, and it terrified me and provided much hilarity for my friends.

    • avatar Jake Fruia says:

      I had never even heard of Amnesia before, but after looking it up I think there couldn’t be a more perfect Halloween game! I may have to track that one down…

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