Halloween Loots From Sideshow Collectibles


Ah Halloween, the most corpse lootiest of all holidays. And no, Christmas doesn’t count. It’s more of a trade/loot situation, with usually very few corpses. And Sideshow Collectibles is here to make Halloween all the better with their annual Spooktacular event!

Starting today and going until October 31st, Sideshow is doling out the loot in spades. Speaking from experience, Sideshow is great about this stuff. I mean like, totally worth your wile so get on it. Seriously. We’ve participated in their Christmas giveaway for a couple of years now to great effect, and even took them up on another offer that netted us a sweet Clone Trooper 12″ figure for free. Sideshow doesn’t get more legit with these things folks.

So, to start off their round of Halloween treats, Sideshow’s first giveaway is for all the G.I. Joe fans out there:

For our first spooky contest, we’ll be giving away a G.I. Joe prize pack to TWO (2) lucky winners who enter before the cut-off time! Enter today for a chance to add a Zartan Sixth Scale Figure and Recovery at Serpent Point Sixth Scale Figure Environment!

You can enter the contest HERE and you can find out more info at their Spooktacular Contests Homepage.


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  1. [...] As we mentioned before, these things are super legit. You don’t have to offer up your first born or your puppy or anything in return. If you win, you win. They ask for your address and that’s it. It’s a seriously cool opportunity y’all. [...]

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