Loot Check: My Top 3 Marvel Ladies


I like stuff. A lot. It’s probably one of the things wrong with America, my liking things so much. One of my favorite things are statues and busts from movies and comics. Usually pointed to in popular culture as the sign of being a shut in loser, people don’t tend to realize the artistic value many of these items have. Plus they represent another aspect of culture not given enough credit for its artistic qualities.

When it comes to Marvel, my top three favorite characters have a lot in common:

  • They’re damn powerful (I know, rare in the Marvel U)
  • They’re females with kick ass costumes (mostly…)
  • They’re mutants
  • They each have the ability to destroy the world (Again rare, and for one of them a bit of a stretch. But any way…)

They are, in order of most favoritest, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Emma Frost, and the Scarlet Witch. My reasons for each one could be an encyclopedia’s worth of text, but this is supposed to be about the loot.

I have Jean Grey covered pretty well, busts, toys, etc. Emma has some small real estate equal on par with the Scarlet Witch. But now I think I’d like to start expanding, and these statues are some pieces I’d love to have.

Jean Grey X Factor Statue

I’m not familiar with artists and their names and all that stuff. I’m terrible with names. But Mark Newman is now a name I remember. I love this guy’s work. He also did the Emma Frost statue (see below) and I think he’s the bomb diggity.

This particular statue I chose because it’s one of my favorite Jean costumes, and one I don’t have anything of. Jean has some costume pitfalls and it’s cool to see something that’s not 90′s Jean or Phoenix (of which I have plenty). I’m not complaining. Just a nice change. www.bowendesigns.com

White Queen Retro Statue

Now, I know Emma has a rather…split fan base. But I love her. I love her constant state in Jean’s shadow, and her unrelenting attitude. And her wardrobe. Even if she dresses in very little, Emma is stylish doing it. Mostly.

That being said, there’s actually 2 statues that Mark Newman did, one of her in her current costume (which I loved too) and this one of her as the White Queen. I ended up choosing this one, I think, because of her attitude. It’s perfectly effortless. It really captures the character. www.bowendesigns.com

Scarlet Witch, Sideshow Exclusive Edition

The last one is my favorite mutant spell slinger, the Scarlet Witch. I can’t seem to pinpoint my exact love of the character. I just do. She’s this bridge between magic and science that affects all these different stories, despite not having her own title. At least not since the 90′s. She’s out of place in a perfect fit sort of way, and I’ve always found her fascinating.

This statue from Sideshow (a favorite company of ours) caught my eye because, like the one above, I felt it captures the character. Determined, powerful, and still feminine, it captures her power in a way that isn’t obnoxious or overt. Plus I’m a sucker for epic capes. www.sideshowtoy.com


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