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As I’ve stated many times before, I love web series (yes that’s the plural…I looked it up). I think they’re a great format for viewing content, as they aren’t inhibited by many of network and cable television’s many barriers. Usually my only gripe is that they don’t last long enough (I’m looking at you Misfits). Yea yea, I understand the need for money and all that important stuff, but I wants more.

Anyway, there is a new web series that’s caught my attention: More Than Human. From the folks at FanboyFilmmaker.com, More Than Human professes to be ‘Heroes for the teen set’. Now, despite Heroes’ debated merits it was always a favorite show of mine, right up to the last convoluted plot point. But I’m a big fan of deep mythologies, especially on “super shows”and that’s something that More Than Human seems to promise.

Even with the accomplishments of the past couple years (Misfits*, Alphas, Arrow) I still feel like there’s a lack of solid super heroics that gels with me. Don’t get me wrong, I love Arrow. However, Ollie isn’t my usual favorite. I mean, My top 3 characters for Marvel are Jean Grey, Emma Frost, and Scarlet Witch. DC side is Zatanna, Zatanna, Zatanna. Seriously, loves me some Zatanna. Alphas I have yet to see unfortunately but it’s on my to do list!

*I only mention Mistfits here as this past season was a little less in the quality department in my opinion. Up until this season, I feel it’s been PERFECT.

All derailing side roads aside, More Than Human also gets me at another favorite point: teen heroes. I love the concept of these kids having to grow up fast and acclimate to an entirely different world in addition to the normal, day to day one. Plus, teens make for a fun watch, and great character arcs, because they’d be doing it even without the onset of superhuman abilities. Finding oneself, what you want to do, your place in the world…all these things go perfectly with the 13 – 20 something experience. So all in all, yay.

The only thing I find myself wondering is…what the eff are their powers?! I love finding these things out. Plus, I need to know which one’s the psychic and/or telekinetic so I can choose my favorite. This is easily my most anticipated web series. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!!

For the love of Phoenix, please go and check out FanboyFilmmaker.com. They have a few other web series worth a look, including The Therapist, which we talked about a lil ways back in time. You can also go to More Than Human’s Facebook page for up to date info and developments: http://www.facebook.com/MoreThanHumanSeries


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