New Web Series: The Therapist


Here’s a little gem we ran across that combines two things I love: web series, and therapists. And this new web series from Carlos M. Tovar and is a delightful gem that has only begun to show us what it’s got.

As I’ve said before, web series are fantastic, and I think the absolute future of production. Inhibited only by the filmmaker’s imaginations, I think they’re a really powerful form of entertainment that provides a much needed respite of the formulaic television that we all know and love.

As for my love of therapists…well I’d possibly be one in an alternate reality where I wasn’t as lazy. And perhaps a heavy day drinker. But alas, I’m content to be fascinated by them and their work, but probably more so their portrayal in media such as this. I mean they can be some of the most versatile characters. They can be zany and effective, zany and harmful, serious and controlling…so many wonderful flavors!

Aaaanyway, back to the point, this new series displays all of that. It’s first episode is short, at just under 3 minutes, perfect for bite sized consumption (although, that’s not my personal preference, but it’s still enjoyable). And being a big fan of “therapy comedy”, the titular character’s first patient is a (mostly) underplayed little guy with anger issues that don’t begin to boil up until the therapist begins his…treatment. Adding to the strange nature of this whole ordeal is the therapist himself, a rather large fellow with the voice of everyone’s favorite Governator. His methods are amusingly odd, and possibly not altogether helpful, which only adds to the humor.

Spartan helmet and mood candles? My kind of therapist.

One of the coolest things about this series, however, is that they’ve already got the whole 25 episode season ready to go. So that means none of that pesky waiting. It also shows something I don’t think I’ve seen much of: television scheduling for the web. One of my biggest complaints about web series are that they’re painfully short. Yes, I understand limited resources and all that. But it doesn’t pacify the monster inside wanting more. So the fact that they have 25 episodes all ready to go is a big A+ in my book.

Be sure to check out the first episode ofThe Therapist, Anger Management, on, as well as Fanboy Filmmaker’s website at You can also learn more about the show’s creator, Carlos Tovar, at


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