Star Wars Celebration Day 1


Our first day (and first time at all) at Star Wars Celebration was pretty…overwhelming. Sensory overload. But after a quick run of the show floor, we got into the groove a bit.

Iron R2-D2. Your argument is invalid.

On the more superficial level, many of these costumes were full of win. There were jedi and troopers aplenty, but the ones that stood out the most were an AMAZING Asajj Ventress (personal fave) and a zombie stormstrooper. The level of detail is astonishing, and a little scary. I mean, these people have jobs of some sort I assume, and many have kids. Where they find the time and energy to do it is beyond me. Maybe their just a bit more force sensitive…Which brings me to another mind boggling aspect of this show: the costumes. Now, I’ve heard of the extent people go to on these things, but damn. Not to mention their willingness to have their picture taken (mostly). As mentioned above, there were these folks absically stationing themselves for stretches of time at these photo op places. For no reason other than to do it. For themselves and others. It’s delightful to see that level of comitment. Perhaps my fascination is a little juvinile (I’m a convention noob, as stated). But I’ve found it’s one of the most endearing sides to this event.

Ventress was definitely a highlight. Oh, pay no attention to that man in the green shirt…

Other highlights include the toys, both Star Wars and non. I may finally grab me a Minecraft sword which I’ve wanted for a while and have just been too lazy to get. Then there were the prop people, who had some pretty cool stuff, again, some Star Wars, some not. For instance, there were motorcyslce jackets with Darth Maul’s skin print, and a Batman “suit”. Also worth mentioning is the Celebration Store, full of little trinkets here and there. My faves were the Gamorean Piggy Banks and the Admiral Ackbar plushie that yells “It’s a trap!” when you squeeze his tummy. It’ll be a testament to my will if I go home without one.


Finally, we got to sit in on two panels. One was with the staff of the Star Wars Insider, a fantastic magazine that covers everything. Fan submissions, upcoming releases, lore tidbits and more than I could ever do justice to describe. Plus they gave out swag for the first few people who asked questions, and even had their head honcho taking note of reader suggestions on how to improve the magazine. They were a delightful group of people, and fun was had by all.

Finally, the highlight of the day: Mr. Dave Filloni. For those unfamiliar with him, he is an animation veteran, having worked on the divine Avatar: The Last Airbender and King Of The Hill. Now, as Supervising Director on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Dave continues his line of great work, and legacy of being pretty much the nicesset guy. Like ever. So we sat as he covered Star Wars storytelling, going over basic film technique as well as delivering a few really cool anecdotes. I like people who can carry a tangent in a conversation, and he is a master. They were always fascinating. For those interested (how could you not be?!) we’ll be posting the entire session next week or so. It’s deffinitely a goody.

Well that’s all for day one folks. Stay tuned for more, and again, you can follow us on the twitter for more, and probably random, tidbits from the days to come.



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