Sunset: True Blood Episode 11 Recap/Review

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Spoilers. Like big ones and stuff. So don’t look. Unless you want. But I’ve warned ya. So no complanies.

It’s True Blood, there’s spoilers, let’s jump in shall we?

This week we’ll start with:

Bill, Eric, Nora, & The Vampire Authority

Our penultimate episode opens with Bill, traipsing through Authority headquarters’ board room when he hears some mysterious whispering. Naturally, it’s coming from “Lilith”, everyone’s new favorite vamp deity! She appears in front of “her” vial of blood and implores bill to drink it all, as he’s her chosen one. Bill freaks, says no and turns away. It almost seems to be just another tripped out dream thing until he turns to find her bloody handprint on the case’s door. Hmmm…

Then we cut to Nora, still completely weirded out by seeing “Lilith” behead Godric after he tells her Lilith is a false god. Salome then walks in on her and questions her about her loyalty, reminisces about starting their little vamp revolution and then they kiss as Nora walks away to prepare for a visit from the US General. She has fooled Salome for now, but makes a beeline for Eric’s room, who is pacing and obviously still disturbed at his and Nora’s shared vision as well. You can tell he means it, because he’s all crazy looking in the face, like this:

That or he just heard the same song on Pandora for the thousandth time.

Totally trippin. So she comes in, and they engage in some sexcapades, which I for one think are highly innapropriately timed what with World War V about to get under way and stuff. So they commence with that as Eric says he’ll get them out of this situation. Looks like Nora’s not as stalwart in her faith after all. She’s essentially a Sunday Sanguinist. Go fig. Meanwhile, Jessica is freaked out by Russel’s departure, and his talks of taking fairy blood (aka Sookie) by force. Naturally that means she’s worried most about Jason. So she tries to take Bill’s phone to call him, but is caught by Bill. The two begin talking about vampire superiority, and how Bill no longer cares what happens to Sookie or Bon Temp. He refers to them as food, and shrugs them off. Jessica, trying to be crafty, says that she’d like to turn Jason to protect him, when she’s really just trying to get away to warn him. Bill accuses her of trying to manipulate him, and calls two vampire guards to helicopter her and oversee the siring. We’ll come back to that later.

He’s kind of going through some stuff.

Meanwhile, US General Cavanaugh has arrived at the authority to inquire about Roman’s (Christopher Meloni, RIP) absence, as well as call them out about their phony bombings of their own True Blood factories. When Rosalyn (red headed chancellor from Texas) says “Those factories were bombed by terrorists,” the General swiftly replies with “Don’t bullshit a bullshitter Rosalyn.” He means business, and then informs them that they (humans) have weapons unheard of before, and then delivers his final message: they have video of Russell Edginton (supposed to be dead) and Steve Newlin (AVL Spokesman) slaughtering frat boys. Woops. So after delivering the typical “If anything happens to me then this goes viral”, eric speeds in front of him and snaps his neck. He and Nora then run off to start a “glamour campaign”  to erase memories. Bill tells them to take backup, which they kill after a little drive. They then remove those bitchin Authority pendants, and then zip into the skies (apparently Nora shares Eric’s flight power).

Wrapping up with the Authority members, turns out Lilith has not only proclaimed Bill her chosen one, but also Kibwe Akinjide and Salome. When Kibwe proclaims this to Bill, Bill beheads him and is then called to see Jessica, who has “returned” from her trip. Which leads us to…

Farewell Kibwe, we hardly knew ye. But seriously, we didn’t.

Jessica, Jason, Pam, Tara, Rosalyn, Sam & Luna

So, in Bon Temp Jessica has arrived to surprise Jason at his house with her armed vampire guard. After some failed attempts to engender trust, Jess just jumps him, bites and then hops in a hole to complete Jason’s transition. Until *SURPRISE* Jason pops up as the guard are burying them and shoots them with wooden bullets. They argue, Jess says she would really like to be with him forever, and she warns him about Russell and Steve. Off he goes to save her, as Jess points out Eric and bill will not, having been reborn or whatever. Having semi accomplished her mission of warning Jason, she goes to the only safe haven she knows: Fangtasia. Here, Pam is inspecting her office, with Tara claiming that she and Ginger got all of it. Pam says this will not go away, and explains that the Authority is their church and government in one. “Like the Vatican?” asks Tara. Subtle, True Blood writers, subtle. After talking to the girls and finding out about Eric, Pam walks off and Jessica and Tara seem to become friends again. There’s also some longing looks from Tara at Pam, which are lampshaded by Jess when she asks if she “likes her”. While surveying the thin business Fangatasia has, Pam sees Rosalyn waltz in to inquire about her progeny, the late Sherrif Elijah who was killed earlier. After Tara lies about it (unable to say anything after Pam commanded her not to), Rosalyn demands to know who killed him (she can smell his blood on her), and Pam fesses up. She is arrested, and as they leave Rosalyn catches Jessica and takes her as well. I have to say, I find Rosalyn to be a particular gem this season.

She can creep with the best of em folks.

When arriving, Bill reprimands Jessica and then backhands her and proclaims his status as Lilith’s Chosen One. Pam is taken to a cell where she she’s passed by Sam Merlotte, who has volunteered to be Mr. Compton’s breakfast. You see, while everyone else has been doing their own thing, Sam and Luna have been rats (literally), poking around Authority headquarters in search of Emma. They find her in adorable pup form in a cage next to cages full of humans held there for food. They’re then caught by vamp guards and assumed to have gotten out, when someone calls for Bills breakfast. Luna is caged, and Sam is carted off to Bill.

Whew! That’s a lot. But we still have…

Sookie, Jason, Fairies, Russell & Steve

This plot line resumes with Jason and Sookie waiting to speak with a Fairy elder to get some answers about this weird Sookie being sold to a vampire thing. Jason runs off to do a shift at the station (supposedly there’s a big uptake in vampire attacks), and Sookie kicks it with the fairies a while. Then Sookie gets to meet the oldest fairy to escape to the Earth dimension. There’s a catch however: the elder is a cloudcuckoolander due to the fact that she operates on many “frequencies” at once, implying that she can see and experience things across many dimensions, and time has no meaning to her. She arrives and commences to dance through all of her and Sookie’s exchange, managing to only give her cryptic non answers in that special fairy way we’ve all come to know and love.

“Kesha! For or against?!”

But we learn that the elder knew Sookie’s ancestor who made the contract with Warlow, that he was a creep, that the Elder, Sookie and Warlow’s destinies are intertwined, and then she proclaims that Sookie should hold onto her light. Then she resumes dancing and asking Sookie for her stance on various musicians (including Kesha, Boys 2 Men and John Mellencamp). Then before she can actually relay something useful, Jason returns to deliver the info about Bill, Eric, Jess and Russell Edginton. The last bit of info seems to have escaped the Elder’s knowledge and she treats this as most alarming. Your mileage may vary with this scene, but I found it rather enjoyable, and a good bit of comic relief in an otherwise rather heavy episode.

Next Sookie tries to rally the fairies to fight Russell, with totally preggers Mirella saying it’s suicide. The Elder sides with Sookie however, and they launch their plan. Jason acts as bait, and lures Russell and Steve to the fairies. They arrive, unable to find them when the Elder goes outside to confront them. She flings Steve away without a thought, and even holds off Russell for a bit before he gets the jump on her by using Jason as a shield and drains her. She turns into a fairy husk, bursts into fairy dust, and Russell can now see the previously invisible Cirque du Fairy, and being very pleased about being “invited” to dinner. End episode.

He’s about to clear this buffet like The Klumps y’all.

All Those Other People

In addition to the lengthy above, we have Alcide kicking it with his loser dad, until some newly turned vamps try to cause some havoc. This is basically the effect of the Authority’s proclamation for all vamps to sire many more, and fast. We also get a nice little scene between Holly and Andy (some of my favorites) where she semi forces her sons to apologize for Andy’s naked ass being posted on the Facebook. They come to an understanding, Andy initiates a failed fist bump, and everyone is happy. Not long after, we have to endure more from terry and Arlene, who I’ve had my fill of after the ridiculous Ifrit story line, only for totally preggers Mirella to come to Andy demanding protection. She says he swore on her E.T. light, and must do so or it’s great dishonor to her whole clan. These crazy fairies and their crazy contracts. The little scamps.

Hi! I’m crazy preggers action Barbie! Protect me…or else!

Final Analysis

Another satisfying episode, although the thinly veiled religion story is getting a little much. We get it, writiers, really we do. But it’s all quite compelling none the less. It’s interesting to see Bill so crazed, as he is usually the level headed one. I also had a theory of mine relatively squashed, as I thought Salome was really running the show, and she was “Lilith” and had found a way to drug her blood and that’s what everyone was drinking. But it seems unlikely now.

As for the fairies…who Warlow is is a bit of a mystery I suppose. Although events in this episode seem to reaffirm my theory that Russell is Warlow, it seems that there are still some holes in this theory, and this may be a plot line that’s carried over into next season. Having no reference for it in the books that I can remember, I’m really not certain.

So that’s it for this week. Next week is the season finale, and we’ll get some questions answered, and I’m sure a few people will die. My guess? Nora almost for sure. Along with the rest of the Authority. Possibly Luna, though I really hope not. Definitely some fairies.

Until next week folks. Oh and I’ll leave you with this. Just because:

BAM. 55% of you just got pregnant.


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