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The Son of Monsterpalooza: The Ultimate Halloween Experience


If you could imagine the ultimate Halloween experience, what would it be? How about presentations from companies like Starburns Industries and Master FX. Or maybe a costume contest with of $2000 in cash?


My Amityville Horror – Teaser II


We can’t wait to see this!  The first serious work on the Amityville Horror Saga since the story broke almost 35 years ago.  Here’s more from the film’s website:


San Jose Super Toy & Comic Book Show AUGUST 18, 2012


This Saturday, August 18th, Time Tunnel Toys of San Jose will be hosting the San Jose Super Toy & Comic Book Show at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.


Television’s First Geek: Ron “Horshack” Palillo Dies at 63

Welcome Back Carter

Long before there was Screech from ‘Saved by the Bell’ or Steve Urkel of ‘Family Matters’ there was Arnold Horshack — the beloved “Geeky” member of the “SweatHogs” from television’s ‘Welcome Back Kotter’.


Game Over: 15-Year-Old Columbus Gamer Collapses After 4-Day Gaming Marathon


We came across this story and just had to share it.  Suffice to say, anything you do for 4 days straight will result in medical problems, so knowing when to say enough is key…  However, sometimes too much of a good thing is never enough.