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The Feud Can Now Cease: J.J. Abrams Seems To Direct Star Wars: Episode VII

Star Wars & Star Trek featured

In a somewhat Romeo & Juliet scenario, J.J. Abrams seems to have been chosen to direct the coveted Star Wars: Episode VII, bringing together two fueding houses both alike in dignity. Ok, I’ll stop.


Fringe Finale: Fatherhood and Family

fringe finale featured

I’ve watched Fringe since the beginning and I even survived the gawd-awful Season 3 Peter-sacrifice that caused him to be written out of reality only to be asserted back in, and have no one remember him. Though taking that out of the equation, I was pleased as punch with the following two seasons and I really enjoyed the series finale of Fringe. Also, it can be confusing if you haven’t seen any or all of the episodes. Just warning you.


The 2013 Spring TV Season: And I Did Weep


The networks hath spoken and we have our list of new and returning television for the non-cable networks. Let’s see how we did…