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Star Wars Spinoff Subjects: The Han Solo & The Boba Fett

han boba featured

Well, if ever there were some characters that deserved a spin-off it was definitively these two…

After getting the vague whisper that Star Wars spin-offs were part of Disney’s grand scheme, there was little else said about it. But now, we get a glimpse of just what they have in store. And it is pretty glorious.


Star Wars Celebration VI: Luke Freakin Skywalker…I Mean Mark Hamill…No, I Mean The Joker!

True story.

Borderlands Legends Review: A Delightful Tactical Romp. Mostly. With Loot!


To start, I’ve never played Borderlands. It has unfortunately made it into my “I could get it. But I’m cheap. And have a lot of work. And then I’d have to…oh look. Skyrim” pile. All my knowledge of it and its sequel come from Wikipedia or their wiki sites, which I’ve looked over quite a bit, as I’ve wanted to play them for a while. So my interest was already piqued when I heard they were making a Borderlands Legends for the iOS. I snatched it up and all it really seems to have done is make me want Borderlands more. In good and bad ways. Well played Gearbox. Well played.


New Web Series: The Therapist


Here’s a little gem we ran across that combines two things I love: web series, and therapists. And this new web series from Carlos M. Tovar and FanboyFilmmaker.com is a delightful gem that has only begun to show us what it’s got.


Live Science: “Teens and Video Games: How Much Is Too Much?”

teen-boys-video-games 2

An interesting article regarding that age old complaint: “You play too many video games!” On the surface, this is just another article saying the same old stuff every other does. Makes kids violent, lazy, hurts response time, blah here, bleh there. But it does bring up some interesting points that contradict the usual moaning.