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Borderlands Legends Review: A Delightful Tactical Romp. Mostly. With Loot!


To start, I’ve never played Borderlands. It has unfortunately made it into my “I could get it. But I’m cheap. And have a lot of work. And then I’d have to…oh look. Skyrim” pile. All my knowledge of it and its sequel come from Wikipedia or their wiki sites, which I’ve looked over quite a bit, as I’ve wanted to play them for a while. So my interest was already piqued when I heard they were making a Borderlands Legends for the iOS. I snatched it up and all it really seems to have done is make me want Borderlands more. In good and bad ways. Well played Gearbox. Well played.


Sunset: True Blood Episode 11 Recap/Review

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Spoilers. Like big ones and stuff. So don’t look. Unless you want. But I’ve warned ya. So no complanies.

It’s True Blood, there’s spoilers, let’s jump in shall we?


Gone, Gone, Gone: True Blood Episode 10 Recap/Review


Thanks for clicking! Here’s a cookie you anti spoiler…person…you. 

So, as the big red banner above says, there be spoilers ahead. As an avid anti-spoilerist (?) I feel it’s necessary to warn at all times. So. You’ve been warned. Let’s move on.