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The Death of BBC’s Being Human


It seems even immortals don’t live forever. BBC has officially announced the cancellation of the hit television series Being Human. The popular series about ghost, vampire, and werewolf roommates trying to remain human despite their supernatural afflictions became a bonafide hit for BBC Three, gaining a cult following since its pilot in 2008, and winning several awards, including The Writer’s Guild Award for ‘Best TV Drama Series’ in 2009, 2010 and 2012, and ‘Best Drama Series’ at the 2011 TV Choice Awards. Syfy even adapted the series for American viewers.


Sunset: True Blood Episode 11 Recap/Review

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Spoilers. Like big ones and stuff. So don’t look. Unless you want. But I’ve warned ya. So no complanies.

It’s True Blood, there’s spoilers, let’s jump in shall we?


Can’t Wait: Sims 3 Supernatural


To say I’m yearning for the Sims 3: Supernatural would be quite the understatement. I’ve been a fan of The Sims since day one. Perhaps it stems from an awful need to control everything. Ever.


Gone, Gone, Gone: True Blood Episode 10 Recap/Review


Thanks for clicking! Here’s a cookie you anti spoiler…person…you. 

So, as the big red banner above says, there be spoilers ahead. As an avid anti-spoilerist (?) I feel it’s necessary to warn at all times. So. You’ve been warned. Let’s move on.