This Weekend: San Jose Super Toy & Comic Book Show MARCH 9 and 10th , 2013

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One of the perks of being in the Bay Area is that there are some really cool toy stores up in here. One of them, Time Tunnel Toys, even puts on a great toy show every once in a while. It goes beyond just toys, however, and includes a bunch of other cool stuff, such as celebrity appearances. This weekend will be playing host to a couple of cool cats, such as Veronica Cartwright (Alien, Invasion of the Body Snatchers) and Walter Jones (original Black Ranger).

I would actually be pretty excited for Veronica Cartwright. She’s been in SO much stuff (genre stuff in particular) that it’s insane. Alien, Witches of Eastwick, X-Files, Invasion of the Body Snatchers… she’s a great actress with a great portfolio. To get all technical and what not. Oh, and I also learned a fun fact: Veronica Cartwright’s sister, Angela Cartwright, played Brigitta Von Trapp in The Sound of Music, and she will also be in attendance. So, if you’re a big nerd like me, that’s pretty cool.

So if you’re in the Bay Area this weekend, check out the show. Regardless, check out Time Tunnel Toys at their website, They also have a blog,, where they talk more about their various events. Here’s a bit from this weekend’s upcoming bonanza:


Below is the link to the Ticketleap website for advance tickets.

There will be 2 lines to enter the show.
The Advanced ticket line should be much shorter than the other entrance line.

If you attend the show on Saturday you will be allowed to re enter  the show on Sunday for free.
So, if you buy advance tickets and plan on attending both days make sure to only buy a Saturday ticket

If you are planning to attend Sunday only,  buy a Sunday ticket only.

You can still buy a ticket the day of the show at the door with cash.

VERONICA & ANGELA CARTWRIGHT are scheduled to be at the show on Saturday March 9th.

Veronica has been in many films and TV Shows. She acted in 2 of the best Horror films ever made  Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds and Alien.
Among her early appearances was a semi-regular part in the television series  Leave it to Beaver (as Beaver’s classmate Violet Rutherford) and an episode of the Twilight Zone “I sing the body electric”.
She also acted in  Invasion of the Body Snatchers , The Right Stuff,The Witches of EastwickThe X-Files ,Will & Grace as Jack’s mother and many more. 

Angela is best known for her roles as Penny Robinson in Lost in Space and Brigitta Von Trapp in The Sound of Music.

Angela is also a talented Artist and photographer.

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