Torchlight II Out Before September Ends!!

Torchlight II 2

I have a confession: Diablo III was a bit of a let down. There’s still plenty of work they have, it’s always a work in progress, blah blah blah. I get it. Sort of. I mean, I was under the impression it was a single player game with a multiplayer option…until it started appearing on lists of MMOs. Wtf. But I just can’t fall in with the hype. Unless of course that hype is for Torchlight II. I’d tap that.

The original Torchlight came out in 2009, and was a welcome respite for those waiting for the God That Comes…I mean Diablo III. Only it didn’t just prove to be a nice time waster until that day came. It turned out to be an absolutely AMAZING game that was just as addictive as anything before it. It was nostalgic in all the right places (Warrior/Mage/Rogue dichotomy, epic corpse looting, fervent clicking), but also introduced a slew of gamers to concepts not often touched on, especially in an action RPG (your pet, cross class skills, fishing…that last one is much better than it sounds trust me). It took us by storm with it’s clean and cute visuals and addictive gameplay.

Well now the time has come for it’s moment of glory, as Torchlight II is really just around the corner. And it looks fantastic. I’ll go ahead and liken it to Diablo II vs Diablo, as it seems this sequel has kept all the great parts about the original, and expanded perfectly to make improvements and additions. For instance, as with Diablo II, the three main classes are gone, and in there place four new ones:

The savage Berserker: a two-fisted barbarian from the frozen north!

The mysterious Outlander: a gunslinger with some secret weapons!

The academy-trained Embermage:
the Empire’s front-line spellcaster!

The resourceful Engineer: the ironclad powerhouse of the Imperial frontier!

Also like Diablo II, Torchlight II is expanding upon the lore and world from the original, although it almost seems it may be doing so too much, in a way that could potentially alienate it from fans of the original. Although there are those who don’t believe in too much story, so who’s to say. But this also means that the world will be open, and expand beyond just the dungeon, a town, and some random places you teleport to. So that all sounds good to me.

Of glorious note as well is the modding tool, TorchED, that will allow player to create their own mods. I’m a big fan of mods, and an even bigger fan of developer made tools to use, since I’m terrible with a computer when it comes to modding. So that’s always a win.

All in all the game seems to be coming into a delicious shape. Hopefully I can carve enough time between The Sims 3, Champions, Skyrim and Minecraft to play. Le sigh.

So what say you kids? Are you eagerly awaiting Torchlight’s return? Or is it all just hyped nonsense trying to derail you from the good path?

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