Walking Dead: Seed Review


Oh Walking Dead…how long and painful it’s been these long months without you. But now you’re here! And we can be happy together forever! At least until summer. And boy have you come back with a bang!

For those who haven’t watched this episode yet…well there’s really no excuse! It’s two bucks on Amazon Instant Video! Go watch! Otherwise, spoilers ahead.

Well. It’s back. After what seems to have been a rather harrowing winter, Team Rick is foraging for food, and quite a bit has changed over the winter months. Maggie Greene has taken over Andrea’s spot as action girl of the team, while Carl has become a badass, Carol has really opened up, and is playing nurse maid to a VERY pregnant Lori. Like really preggers y’all. Before long the team is forced from their foraging (after looting it quite a bit, but still not much food), and they come across the prison, swarming with walkers.

I enjoyed watching the now well oiled machine that the combat team has become.

After a rather impressive team effort, they take the front yard, and then manage to carve out a cell block for themselves inside. Before they can get too comfortable, the ever restless Rick in his quest to find a place for them to settle and Lori to give birth, pushes the combat team forward, with Hershel in tow. They stumble on a hoarde of walkers, but manage to get away, with Maggie and Glenn separated. Searching for his daughter, Hershel gets his ankle bit by a not so dead walker, forcing Rick to cut it off right there. Having been lured by the commotion, the group is discovered by some guys in prison jumpsuits.

Meanwhile, Andrea is sick with something fluish, and Michonne is badass and wont leave her alone to die. Their small haven is about to be swarmed by walkers, and they trek off to find another safe place. Credits.

Welcome home y’all! Pick a cell.

Whew. It was a doozy, let me tell you. I haven’t been so stressed by a TV episode since…well last season’s finale I guess. TheĀ openingĀ scene with Rick and his combat team was awesome, and one of my favorite scenes ever. No dialogue, just suspense. And Rick not letting Carl eat dog food despite their lack of food was interesting. I know there were some complaints that last season was almost all talking, and I guess this was their answer. That and all the action! It was pretty impressive. For some reason I seem to enjoy seeing Maggie take down walkers more than Andrea, perhaps because I’ve seen the actress more. But I like her role in the group. Speaking of expanding roles, Carl’s a badass now. From what I understand, he’s like this in the graphic novel, and much earlier in the story. It’s slightly chilling, as he’s the youngest of the group and is running around light a damn cowboy ninja kid. He also seems to have developed a crush on the next youngest, Hershel’s other daughter Beth, which is cute.

This is one of my new favorite pictures, and I think Maggie is fast becoming my favorite character.

Another interesting development is Carol. Formerly little miss afraid of her shadow has seemed to shed that quite a bit, even jokingly asking Daryl if he’d like to fool around, much to his discomfort. While not even close to being an action girl, she seems to have really evolved over the winter into a much more open and relaxed person. Going further, Rick and Lori seem to be on the rocks. He’s spending all his time leading the group and trying to find a stable place for them and her to deliver the baby, which should be coming any moment now. But she’s Lori, and ungrateful, and says stupid things, so she continues to push him away. Oh Lori…I’m aware of her fate in the graphic novel, so I’ll be interested in how they deal with that here.

Other highlights? Maglite silencers for the hand guns. Awesome.

All in all, a fantastic episode. I thought it was the perfect blend of action, drama, suspense, and more. Hershel getting bit made me almost physically ill, as he’s one of my favorite characters. And as the only medically inclined individual of the team, he’s just a tad important. I’m not sure what happens to him in the source material, but it makes me nervous that he might not survive. Only thing I would have liked to see more of would have been what happened in winter, but I guess we can all safely fill in the blanks.

If this episode is any indicator of the season to come, I’m damn excited. Boy, I love TV season.


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