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Retro Review: X-Men Legends II: Rise Of Apocalypse

XMLII featured

Back in the long long ago (2004) I got a game from my sister for Christmas. That little gem was the original X-Men legends. To say I got lost in it would be an understatement, as it became the only thing I would play for a few months. To give you some perspective, this was also during my times with The Sims, Final Fantasy IX, Chrono Cross, and Soul Caliber II, so it had some stiff competition.


Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Is Here! It Was Nice Knowing You People


Out on PC and iOS, the LONG awaited Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition has arrived. And it is spectacular.


Great Games For Halloween Time Fun


If you’re like me, you’re probably too old to go trick or treating, and too lame to go to a Halloween party on a weekday. So, how to celebrate this splendiferous holiday? With games of course! Here are some nifty ones to get you in that Halloween spirit…some of them literally so.


An Amazing Baldur’s Gate II Scene Gets An Update


Baldur’s Gate II. Looking back on about 17 years of gaming, I think I can safely say that it is my favorite game of all time (which I usually lump the original Baldur’s Gate in with just). That’s not to say other games haven’t come after that have been AMAZING. But none have ever had the same effect on me that Shadows Of Amn/Throne Of Bhaal did. On a side note, I’ll be publishing the love letter to the wonderful Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition here in a bit, because I can’t wait for it. Like a lot y’all. That’s the best I can articulate it without a bunch of squeals and strange noises.


Borderlands 2 Weapon Of Choice Sweepstakes


The Borderlands series seems to be one helluva set of games. The sequel is garnering much attention (as popular game sequels are oft to do) and now NVIDIA is jumping into the mix.


Torchlight II Out Before September Ends!!

Torchlight II 2

I have a confession: Diablo III was a bit of a let down. There’s still plenty of work they have, it’s always a work in progress, blah blah blah. I get it. Sort of. I mean, I was under the impression it was a single player game with a multiplayer option…until it started appearing on lists of MMOs. Wtf. But I just can’t fall in with the hype. Unless of course that hype is for Torchlight II. I’d tap that.


R.I.P. City Of Heroes


Well. Some absolutely stunning and STUPID news I ran into! City Of Heroes, the best, first, and most amazing Super Hero MMO will be calling it quits. Why? Because “In a realignment of company focus and publishing support, NCsoft has made the decision to close Paragon Studios.” There will be no more purchasing of time or items from the store, and the game will come to a close by the end of the year.


EMERGENCY! One Of The Best Games Ever Is Less Than $3 For Limited Time!!


This is a story about two of my favorite things: the website, and the Freedom Force series.