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Bollywood Joins The Zombie Apocalypse


In global news, Indian filmmakers have decided to jump on the zombie craze that is sweeping the world like a plague – but a good plague, as far as I’m concerned. In an attempt to attract younger audiences, Bollywood is producing its first three Hindi zombie films: Rise of the Zombie (directed by Luke Kenny and Devaki Singh) was released April 5, Go Goa Gone, a zombie comedy – “zom-com” if you will – to be released in May, and then Rock the Shaadi later this year. Rock the Shaadi  will be accompanied by a graphic novel. 

India's first Zombie Film!

India’s first Zombie Film!

Rise of the Zombie is the first in a planned trilogy. Director Kenny, who also stars in the film as a wildlife photographer who becomes one of the living dead, is excited for the new direction of Bollywood, saying, “We’ve been wanting to make something like this within the Hindi film industry setup, and we realized that within the horror film genre, nobody has ever touched the zombie genre.” Indeed, the few horror films Bollywood has done in the past have featured ghosts and the afterlife, both of which are common in Hindu mythology. India doesn’t have a tradition of zombie folklore, so the filmmakers have faced the challenge of educating Indian audiences about the zombie concept – though younger audiences versed in Hollywood films should be quick to jump on board. The filmmakers have also tried to give the film international appeal and make the movie as realistic as possible despite a limited budget. After all, they’re hoping that this exploration of the undead will bring a spark of life back into the fading art of Bollywood – only a bit of a pun intended – and Kenny is optimistic: “My producers and I realize that there is a market there for films that are in this genre, and that market will only grow.”

India's answer to the zombie slayer. Killing dead people is a hard day's work.

India’s answer to the zombie slayer. Killing dead people is a hard day’s work.

The two later films are also hoping this genre will catch on in India. Go Goa Gone features Saif Ali Khan, one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, as a faux-Russian zombie hunter. The trailer has reached 2.3 million hits since March (and I have to say, despite the language barrier for some of it, it looks quite amazing). Hopefully, these zombie flicks will be the perfect present for Indian cinema as it celebrates 100 years of filmmaking.


Evil Dead Kills at Box Office


This weekend marked the opening for the slasher horror flick, Evil Dead, which I’m surprised to say did quite well, taking out the competition to earn the #1 spot for the weekend with $26 million (including Thursday night’s numbers). This is already a victory for the horror film, which was produced for a mere $17 million, though I’m not sure the film should count on holding these high numbers. Its earnings were already very frontloaded, which probably means it has already hit its core market of horror fans.

Heroes from different eras.

Heroes from different eras.

Evil Dead is a remake of Sam Raimi’s 1981 classic of the same name, about a group of campers who inadvertently release body-possessing spirits, and gory mayhem ensues. The original starred the legendary Bruce Campbell, as well as Ellen Sandweiss and Betsy Baker. The film had a meager beginning, with Raimi scrounging for $90,000 to produce it, and it has become one of the largest cult horror films ever. It spawned a trilogy with the release of Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness, and launched Raimi’s and Campbell’s careers – both of whom produced this remake.

The horror! The horror! The horror!

The horror! The horror! The horror!

Raimi may have lent his hand to this new release, but the campy style that defined the original Evil Dead is nowhere to be found in the remake. These campers, who don’t even share the names of their original counterparts, I noticed on, must face the terror of over-the-top realism. It’s all straight-faced, gruesome carnage. I admit, I haven’t seen it yet, but a friend of mine described the style of the film as “uber realistic violence that lingers in your face.” Some people might go for that, and the reviews aren’t terrible. It’s currently sitting at 64% on Rotten Tomatoes (versus the 98% the original has). Do you think the remake could ever be as good as the original?


Ignorance Is Bliss: Iconic Films We Wish We Could See With Fresh Eyes

unseen feat

Bates Motel ̶ and thus Psycho ̶ got me thinking about those movies with twists so surprising and genius that they’ve become part of our pop culture; movies with endings so enduring that even if you haven’t seen the films, you know how they end.


Warm Bodies: A Lot of Fun if You Don’t Use Your Brain

warm bodies review features

In January, I wrote a response to the Jonathan Levine film Warm Bodies, based purely on the trailers and what I had heard about the book. Well, now I have seen this film and can say that the trailers were not misleading, and what’s more they didn’t give all the jokes away (one of my biggest pet peeves with comedy trailers). Warm Bodies is, in essence, a snarky zombified adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, a Shakespeare play that I’ve always thought was overrated, but for the sake of Warm Bodies, it works quite well. (This article contains broad plot related spoilers.)


What’s Happening At Dark Delicacies? Lots Of Stuff Actually…

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We’ve talked about Dark Delicacies before last year, when we took a jaunt to Los Angeles. It’s a great store in general, but especially for fans of the horror and supernatural genres. Run by an amazing couple, Dark Delicacies plays host to a number of signings and events for books, movies and more. We like to keep you updated on such things as, even if you aren’t in LA, you can pick up their merchandise online.

So, here’s what’s happening at Dark Delicacies over the next couple of months:


Warm Bodies: The Romantic Side of Zombies

warm-bodies-image-nicholas-hoult (2)

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the Jonathan Levine film Warm Bodies, coming out on February 1st. When she first told me about the movie, I was skeptical. Based on the novel by Isaac Marion, the film follows one of the zombies that now populate the world as he struggles to connect with someone despite his living impairment.


Pray For the Blu-ray of Rosemary’s Baby


It’s always a thrill when some of the “greats” get a blu ray makeover, and “Rosemary’s Baby” is certainly one I’ve been looking forward to for some time. I have the DVD which was released some time ago. It’s very good, but the image is dirty, scratched with a thin crackly sound track that just didn’t do a film of this stature any justice.


Paranormal Activity 4: The Resounding ‘Meh’

Not too close, hopefully...

Fresh back from seeing the latest installment of the Paranormal Activity series has left me wanting more…and not necessarily in a good way. Oh and their’s optional spoilers ahead, so don’t go touchin the red unless you’re ready. Mind, body, and spirit. Just sayin.