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The 2013 Spring TV Season: And I Did Weep


The networks hath spoken and we have our list of new and returning television for the non-cable networks. Let’s see how we did…


The Walking Dead: “Hounded” Review


Rick continues to cope with his heartbreak, Carol’s fate is revealed, Andrea works out her… um, “place” in Woodbury, and Merle and Michonne go toe to toe. All a day’s work in the post apocalypse. Spoilers ahead.


The Walking Dead: “Say The Word” Review

See that smirk? That's the smirk of an ignorant ho.

The fifth episode this season, Say The Word is understandably slower and spends its time equally split between the aftermath of the last episode as Team Rick tries to move on, and Andrea’s antics at Woodbury. Spoilers as usual.


What I’m Watching: Arrow. Archer’s Are So In Right Now


I may not have the time to review every television show I’m watching, but by golly I can still voice my¬†unnecessary¬†opinion any way! In this instance, it’s about the CW’s new DC TV show Arrow. Was that enough double letter thingies for you? Now I won’t be going into any full recaps or such lengthy procedures, partially due to time and partially laziness. But that said, I’ve seen up to episode 5, “Damaged” which is the most recent as of this writing. So there be spoilers for those first five episodes.


The Walking Dead “Killer Within” Review: Best Episode Yet


For those who have not seen this episode yet – GO AND WATCH. It’s pretty damn amazing. That said, spoilers ahead.

This episode opens with a mysterious someone in a prison jumpsuit guiding them toward Team Rick’s cell block. The group is currently arguing what to do with Axel and Oscar, the two remaining convicts they let live in another cell block. Rick wants to send them on their way with a week’s worth of supplies, whereas T-Dog, getting his only bit of character development after two-ish seasons, petitions for them to join their group. He is, naturally, out voted, and the two are locked away in preparation for their…excursion.


Walking Dead: “Walk With Me” Review

The Governor finally makes his appearance.

This weekend was all about Andrea, Michonne, and The Governor. Oh and Merle’s back in his twisted little glory.

This episode was a much more sedate one than usual, with nearly all of the tension coming from character interaction, and very little due to the “creepers” as the Govenor and his people call them. Spoilers will, as usual, follow.


Misfits Season 4 Episode 1 Review: They’re back! Well…Some Of Them Anyway


Misfits. For the uninitiated, it’s an amazing romp through multiple genres, including sci-fi, comedy, action, horror, and thriller. It’s got British people. And superpowers. And it’s perhaps the most well written and well executed show I’ve seen (alongside the original Being Human, also British, also awesome). And it’s finally back.

As for this review, I wish I had started this blog 3+ years ago, simply so I could have all those episodes reviewed. But alas, I do not. But hark! They’re on the great and powerful Hulu, all for your viewing pleasure. For free! I’m pretty sure. So go and watch and enjoy and then come back so you can read this review. Unless you don’t care about the past, as this episode is pretty easy for newcomers to jump into. But seriously, go watch em.


Walking Dead: “Sick” Review


The fight for Hershel’s life is on, while the fight to maintain their place in the prison is threatened by some prisoners who witnessed Hershel’s leg being lopped off. It’s all quite serious y’all.