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Walking Dead: “Sick” Review


The fight for Hershel’s life is on, while the fight to maintain their place in the prison is threatened by some prisoners who witnessed Hershel’s leg being lopped off. It’s all quite serious y’all.


Walking Dead: Seed Review


Oh Walking Dead…how long and painful it’s been these long months without you. But now you’re here! And we can be happy together forever! At least until summer. And boy have you come back with a bang!


Once Upon A Time: Broken Review


Once Upon A Time is…a lot to cover. That being said, this is going to be covering season 2 of said show. So, if you haven’t seen season 1, then beware of spoilers, because there be lots.


Sunset: True Blood Episode 11 Recap/Review

sunset featured

Spoilers. Like big ones and stuff. So don’t look. Unless you want. But I’ve warned ya. So no complanies.

It’s True Blood, there’s spoilers, let’s jump in shall we?


San Jose Super Toy & Comic Book Show AUGUST 18, 2012


This Saturday, August 18th, Time Tunnel Toys of San Jose will be hosting the San Jose Super Toy & Comic Book Show at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.


Internet Television & Magehaven


This is a little gem of a video that we stumbled upon the other day, and it brings up a lot of things I personally love:


Gone, Gone, Gone: True Blood Episode 10 Recap/Review


Thanks for clicking! Here’s a cookie you anti spoiler…person…you. 

So, as the big red banner above says, there be spoilers ahead. As an avid anti-spoilerist (?) I feel it’s necessary to warn at all times. So. You’ve been warned. Let’s move on.