Game Over: 15-Year-Old Columbus Gamer Collapses After 4-Day Gaming Marathon


We came across this story and just had to share it.  Suffice to say, anything you do for 4 days straight will result in medical problems, so knowing when to say enough is key…  However, sometimes too much of a good thing is never enough.  


COLUMBUS, Ohio —  He only came out of his bedroom to use the bathroom, to pick up some snacks in the kitchen, and to take a quick shower. Otherwise, 15-year-old Tyler Rigsby was locked in his bedroom, absorbed in an alternate reality: Xbox’s Modern Warfare 3. His mom says he was in there for at least four days. Maybe five.

When he finally emerged Tuesday morning, he went to his aunt’s house with his mother. That’s where he collapsed. Three times.

“It’s like he was looking at me but he wasn’t there. It was like he was looking through me,” says Jennifer Thompson, Tyler’s aunt. “We were talking and I heard a thump and I looked over and he just fell.”

Tyler’s mom, Jessie Rawlins, says he turned very pale and his lips became a disturbing blue color.

“I was very scared. I thought he was going to die,” she remembers. “He just fell over three times.”

Medics were called to the house and Tyler was taken to the hospital where they attached an IV tube and pumped him full of fluids. He was severely dehydrated.

Dr. Mike Patrick, an emergency physician at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, says dehydration can be very dangerous, even deadly.

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This is, however, not the only casualty of the X-Box…  You might remember this story from the Sun back in 2011:

 Do you have a near death experience while gaming?  CorpseLoot wants to know, what’s the longest you’ve played in one setting. Tell us about it in the comments section.  


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