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This is a little gem of a video that we stumbled upon the other day, and it brings up a lot of things I personally love:

1) Magic. I loves me some magic. Anywhere and everywhere. Always a mage in games (or mage equivalent) and this little story starts off with two of them. A master named Lumin and his apprentice Arrin.

2) Internet television. I forget the last time I actually watched a show as it aired on tv. I haven’t actually owned a television that wasn’t attached to a computer for something like 5 years now. Why? Because the internet has it covered folks. You don’t need cable or any of that nonsense because you can get it all right in front of you whenever you want. And I’m not talking about illegal sharing type stuff either. Plenty of networks are putting their shows online for free. Everyone just DVRs or TiVos their shows anyway. But, back to Magehaven, it represents what I think is a growing market for entertainment. Internet television has become a totally viable option, and one that nearly anyone can get into. That being said, I think this show has the potential to turn into something like Dragon Age: Redemption or The Guild (all made by the amazing Felicia Day for those unaware), and become truly awesome. If it can raise the money…(hint, hint).

So I said a lot of things when it was really just two, but you get the idea. This is a great episode and I’d love to see more. Also, for those who are familiar with Baldur’s Gate, there’s a very delightful similarity here that I picked up on about halfway through. I think that alone should be enough to have this show made!

So check out their project at They’re keeping track of their progress and you can of course donate, which you should if you can. Not only for a great show with potential, but for the interweb television movement…type…thing!


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  1. avatar ThomasKoch says:

    Thanks for sharing. This is exactly what we are trying to do with the series. We have just completed our indiegogo campaign and are heading into production shortly.

    Thanks again.
    Thomas Koch
    Producer – Cinematographer – Magehaven

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