Misfits Season 4 Episode 1 Review: They’re back! Well…Some Of Them Anyway


Misfits. For the uninitiated, it’s an amazing romp through multiple genres, including sci-fi, comedy, action, horror, and thriller. It’s got British people. And superpowers. And it’s perhaps the most well written and well executed show I’ve seen (alongside the original Being Human, also British, also awesome). And it’s finally back.

As for this review, I wish I had started this blog 3+ years ago, simply so I could have all those episodes reviewed. But alas, I do not. But hark! They’re on the great and powerful Hulu, all for your viewing pleasure. For free! I’m pretty sure. So go and watch and enjoy and then come back so you can read this review. Unless you don’t care about the past, as this episode is pretty easy for newcomers to jump into. But seriously, go watch em.

Now, this episode’s story is told in the old “Let’s start with the end and then jump to the beginning until we reach the end and everything plays out neatly” routine. Fancy people call that starting “in media res”. Well it continues this little method, having one of the characters tell flashbacks to the newcomers, and jumps around and such until the end. Cool way to tell a story, but a bitch of way to summarize. So…

Starting chronologically, a thief stabs his partner for a briefcase full of money, only to get it handcuffed to his wrist. He runs off with his ill gotten goods only to get hit by the lighting storm that is the cause for all sorts of other people suddenly gaining powers. While they’ve shown quite a few powers over the last few seasons, this guy’s has to be the lamest: he inspires the people around him to want to steal the money by WHATEVER means necessary. So, this guy has spent 3 seasons running from people trying to take his arm off.

Worst. Power. Ever.

Until he stumbles into the community center, where Curtis (who last had the power to create zombies from dead people), Rudy (the guy who can create a twin of himself), and Seth (the guy who can hold and endow any number of powers for others, but not himself) are talking about Seth’s return from Uganda. Apparently, Kelly saved a kid from a mine using her rocket science powers and stayed there to be worshiped, leaving Seth to return as a main cast member.

Seth, Rudy, and Curtis are our returning cast members, and they’re all back in top form.

Anyway, the three now infected by the thief’s power have gone crazy trying to find the key, and decide to keep him in the community center until he wakes up. That is until Rudy decides to cut his hand off to get the case, only to walk off and leave the thief free to hide the briefcase under a cabinet. Rudy comes back, the case gone, and returns to bed, not wanting to be found out. When the guys wake up, they begin to suspect one another and Rudy attempts to play both Curtis and Seth against each other. Eventually, Rudy traps Curtis in a freezer, and Seth begins interrogating the guy, going so far as to remove one of his testicles, but he persists in his silence.

Zombification ain’t gonna help for this. Maybe Seth can find him a new power finally.

Meanwhile, two newcomers have arrived, and due to the paranoia caused by the thief’s power, everyone suspects them of being after the money. So, Rudy poses as their probation officer and tries to keep an eye on them while Seth continues working on the thief. The new girl, Jess, doesn’t buy it and goes to spying on Rudy. This is made quite easy by the fact that she has x-ray vision, and discovers him talking to trapped Curtis. She rallies other newcomer Finn to check it out, freeing Curtis, alerting Rudy, and getting them both trapped in the freezer, only to be joined by thief. He explains the whole story to them, and they’re infected by his power, only to be freed by Rudy’s twin self, who’s seen everything. He leads them to the money, they all go at it, and eventually the entire group ends up on the roof, with Finn holding the money.

Just as things get too close for comfort, the thief appears, grabs the case, and topples over the edge, killing himself. But not before busting open the case and caressing his money before he dies. The group bury the body in true Misfits fashion, and get back to the community center to meet their new probation worker. He’s skeezy, makes rape jokes against Finn, and is generally asking to be killed. Which in this case is severe possibility.

I give it…5 episodes til death?

While I was initially slightly disappointed with this episode, the more I thought about it the more I loved it. It was, in essence, a perfect representation of Misfits as a whole, and served as very fresh beginning. This was necessary of course, due to the fact that Curtis is all that remains of the original cast, with Seth and Rudy rounding out the veteran members. With so many changes, the show needed a breath of fresh air, but one that was still familiar to older fans.

As for the newbies, Jess and Finn, I found myself a bit wary of them at first. Jess is essentially a sort of middle ground between Alisha and Kelly, cerebral and critical, but still very quick and in charge. Jess’ power of x-ray vision has never been my favorite, but the effect they used to portray it made me love it instantly for some reason. I tend to favor the female characters (Kelly was my favorite since day one) and that may be why. I can’t wait to see what they do with her this season.

This version of x-ray vision is much prettier. Plus we can probably not worry about any tiresome see through clothing jokes with her.

Finn on the other hand seems to be a mix of Simon and Nathan, with an almost offensive sense of humor tempered with being a total dork. His power, telekinesis, is played for laughs, as it turns out he has barely enough power to topple over a flower pot after some 20 seconds of concentration. It was a nice twist to see a telekinetic that didn’t completely own everyone. Also of note is Finn’s “dog” that he claims he has to go walk, who turns out to be a girl he’s holding hostage. Creepy.

Complete with sound proof-ish walls. Dude be creepin big time.

That said, there’s a couple more cast members that have yet to be introduced if I’m not mistaken, and I can’t wait to see who they are. Given the lever of talent this show seems to ferret out, I’m sure they’ll be just as great as the others.

All in all, this was a quintessential Misfits episode, with everything that represents the series. It’s a great start to what I feel is going to be yet another great season.


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