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Oh! Hello there! And welcome to our little corner of the interwebs. This is Corpse Loot, a site that aims to inform and educate on games, movies, television and really just geek culture in general.

Beyond that, our goal is to have fun. Sure there will be serious stuff on here from time to time, but not without a little sarcasm, snark or complete silliness for good measure. If you walk away from this site and have not smiled, well then I will cry*.

Hopefully this site will help show that games, toys, movies etc. are not just for people who don’t take life seriously, but for anyone and everyone looking for a good time (and no, not that way…unless that’s your thing.) There will be tangents, harsh criticism, harsher nerd rage, and even a little fairy magic thrown in for good measure. Because when it comes down to it, fairies did it first. Except for computers…I’m pretty sure.

So welcome to the mad house. I hope your stay is illuminating. One way or another.

*Note: I probably wont cry, so much as whimper lamely, and then move on. One shouldn’t dwell on the past!**

**Note 2: Also, the likelihood that I know you leave our site with no smile is relatively slim, barring you contacting me and stating so, in which case, the above note will occur.


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