Star Wars Spinoff Subjects: The Han Solo & The Boba Fett

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Well, if ever there were some characters that deserved a spin-off it was definitively these two…

After getting the vague whisper that Star Wars spin-offs were part of Disney’s grand scheme, there was little else said about it. But now, we get a glimpse of just what they have in store. And it is pretty glorious.

Perhaps two of the most famous characters, Han Solo and Boba Fett will be getting their own movies. One will follow the renowned smuggler during his times in the Imperial Academy through to how he gets his smuggling on, and will take place in between the two trilogies. Boba’s, on the other hand, has fewer information, though G4 speculates that it could take place throughout the original trilogy, and include such famous faces as Jabba the Hutt, and perhaps even Darth Vader.

Here’s what G4 be saying:

After Disney confirmed that those rumors about Star Wars spinoff movies were anything but Bantha poodoo, Entertainment Weekly is now reporting that two of these films will focus on the seedy dealings of the callous, cloned bounty hunter, Boba Fett and the youthful exploits of the handsome smuggler, gambler, and Kessel Run conqueror, Han Solo.

In what is sounding like an old-school Star Wars fan’s wet dream come to life, these new films will flesh out what will apparently be pivotal events in the lives of these proverbial faves, also providing us a method to possibly see some other old friends return to the big screen.

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