The Feud Can Now Cease: J.J. Abrams Seems To Direct Star Wars: Episode VII

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In a somewhat Romeo & Juliet scenario, J.J. Abrams seems to have been chosen to direct the coveted Star Wars: Episode VII, bringing together two fueding houses both alike in dignity. Ok, I’ll stop.

J.J. Abrams. Bringing people together since 1965. Or something.

J.J. Abrams. Bringing people together since 2013. Or something.

The fantastic news comes ¬†from The Wrap, in which they detail that despite his denial last month, Abrams is indeed the chosen director. No doubt there will be many heads asploding with the very thought of Star Trek revivalist and director coming aboard to do it yet again for Star Wars. I mean, if someone could actually figure out the quantum probability of such a chance, I’d love to hear it.

If you need a refresher on J.J. Abrams career, he’s also behind such amazings as ‘Super 8′, ‘Lost’ and ‘Fringe’. Given his treatment of those and Star Trek, I don’t think we need be worried about the coming quality of the much thought of Episode VII.

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