The Walking Dead: “Hounded” Review


Rick continues to cope with his heartbreak, Carol’s fate is revealed, Andrea works out her… um, “place” in Woodbury, and Merle and Michonne go toe to toe. All a day’s work in the post apocalypse. Spoilers ahead.

The episode opens right where we left off last week: Rick answering a phone in the maintenance room. On the other end is a woman’s voice that tells him about their own safe haven from the walkers, and Rick pleads to let them come, citing his child and newborn baby. She uncertainly tells him to wait two hours while she talks to the group. Next a man calls, and rather creepily interrogates Rick about their group, if he’s killed anyone, and finally asks how his wife died. Rick, still stunned by Lori’s death and the fact the mysterious man knows his wife is dead, refuses to talk about it, prompting the creeper to hang up.

“Uhh, what was she wearing?? Dude. Seriously? Wait…Shane?!” Ad-libed, but I totally felt it was gonna go that direction. Dude was creepin.

Next is a different woman who pushes Rick to tell the previous caller what they want to know, and he pleads again for a safe haven. Finally, the last caller is Lori, his newly dead wife. She explains the previous callers were Amy, Jim and Jacqui, three of the groups original members who died back in season 1. Lori’s voice brings Rick out of his stupor, and he professes his love for her. Finally, after a shower and probably a sammich, Rick goes to greet his newborn daughter.

That’s so sweet. Only thing sweeter? Giving her a damn name.

Michonne is on the run from Merle and his three henchman, apparently hunting her on orders of the Gov. She’s wily though, and manages to slip up and kill two of Merle’s team and runs away, but not before Merle shoots her in the leg. Merle and the remaining hench guy track her down and scuffle, but the previous noise has alerted a bunch of walkers, swarming them. Michonne gets covered in walker guts and blood, while Merele kills his remaining helper guy, resolving to lie to the Governor about killing Michonne rather than risk looking for her.

See? She’s all ninja again! Like, literally. I knew she could do it!

Wounded and covered in walker nasty, Michonne discovers that walkers ignore her, probably due to her scent now being that of “Death”. She manages to get to a shopping center, where as luck would have it, Maggie and Glenn are making a run for supplies. Merle is there too however, and recognizes Glenn. He asks about his brother, and distracts them enough to where he can pull a gun on the couple. He grabs Maggie and makes Glenn drive them to Woodbury. Michonne picks up their discarded supplies and manages to find her way to the prison where new daddy Rick is showing his daughter the sights of their lovely prison apartment complex. He walks up to see her among the walkers with the baby supplies Glenn and Maggie were supposed to bring back. Cue credits. For the episode anyway.

This looks like the beginning of a beautiful post apoc friendship.

Merle brings the couple to Woodbury and gets authorization from Governor Phil to interrogate them about their camp. Governor Phil does this wearing a robe, as he was rather busy having sex with Andrea when Merle interrupted. oh, yea, by the way, it’s official: The Governor and Andrea. They’re a thing now. Guess she won’t be going after Michonne. There’s too much crazy around here for her to be attracted to.

Yes, while everyone else is mourning the dead and trying to survive and stuff, Andrea’s been cozying up to Gov. Philip. She also tries a stint on the wall, learning how to use a bow to take down walkers. When her “teacher” cant take one down after 3 or so arrows, Andrea breaks the rules and jumps down to happily stab it in the head. Aghast, the other girl reports her. Which just leads to her being “punished” by the Gov.

Yep. Sexy time.

Leading up to this however, is Andrea admitting to The Governor that she actually enjoyed the fights from last episode. He basically calls her a fighter and she basically takes that as a cue to drop her pants. Oh Andrea…

As they clear out their cell block of walkers, Daryl relates a heartfelt story to Carl about his own mother’s death. Apparently mama Dixon was a lush who liked to smoke in bed. So one day she set the house (and herself) on fire. Then Carl relates that he was the one who shot his mother in the head, killing her for good. Which obviously trumps Daryl’s story. But the two have a sweet little uncle/nephew moment.

“My mom burned to death.” “Oh? Well, I had to shoot mine so she wouldn’t come back to life as a flesh eating corpse.” “Right…um…”

They then come across a walker with Carol’s knife lodged in its throat. After much deliberation (with himself of course) he opens a door they thought a weak walker kept trying to push open. But surprise!! It’s a totally not dead Carol!! Told you so…

This week’s episode was as good as any other. Great follow up while moving the plot along in a most satisfying way. I was excited to finally see Michonne and Rick meet, even if it was silently. Though at the cost of Maggie and Glenn, it was bittersweet. I really hope Glenn and Maggie don’t get too roughed up. I was very anxious to see my favorite character be held at gun point, and I hope they don’t make her yet another casualty. Cause then I’d be kinda pissed and stuff.

This made me more nervous than most of this season. That’s probably a sign that I need to get a life…

Speaking of Michonne, I thought she was fantastic. Her message left in severed walker parts was particularly inspired, and her discovery of “walker entrail camo” may be quite the game changing discovery for the survivors. It was definitely one of those “Finally!” moments, when her and Rick come face to face. I’ve seen interview after damn interview about how she’ll be a great ally of his and blahdy freakin blah. And they finally meet! I was excited and I can’t wait to see how exactly she’ll fit into the group dynamic.

Plus, she’s now added zombie-gram and entrail designer to her resume, so she should be even more useful.

Rick’s hallucinations really fooled me. That is until the man on the phone knew his name. Then I started to suspect it may not be real. It was interesting (in a sad kind of way) to watch a man we’ve seen over two seasons be so steady and cool finally breakdown in such a visceral way. It really drove the point home, and Andrew Lincoln is a fantastic actor, so I felt it was all quite effective. And while I don’t think we’ll be seeing him dance any jigs in the near future, I look forward to him returning to leadership and seeing him with his new daughter.

Andrea continues to vex me. I enjoy her character, as she’s strong and all that fun stuff, but she still has her faults. Like having a weakness for off the shoulder shirts. Oh, and that little soft spot she has for deranged men. There’s that. I get it though. She’s always wanted to be queen bee, ever since back on the Greene farm in season two. She planned on backing Shane’s “take over” of the group back then and envied Lori’s status as “First Lady”. Now, he she is, poised to be Queen of Woodbury, with the only woman stronger than her having just arrived at the prison. I’m sure she’s in hog heaven. I for one, hope she comes to. Eventually.

Well said Random Girl From Random Clip Found On Tumblr. Well said.

I knew Carol wasn’t dead. Pics or it didn’t happen. However I also didn’t realize that she was where she was. And watching Daryl finally resolve to open the last door of the block only to find her was awesome, if also nauseating. I mean, they walked past her God knows how many times. How long had she been there? It’s greatly disturbing to me for some reason, perhaps because she became one of my more favored characters by this season. But just the thought of her situation gives me the willies. Here’s to hoping she doesn’t get some lame ass death next episode.

Cue ovary explosion. Second week in a row. Geeze Daryl…

Another great episode really. There were quite a few “Bout damn time!!” moments, such as Michonne and Rick finally meeting, and Andrea and the Gov. getting it on. If I had to give this episode a one word summary, it would definitely be balanced. Everyone seemed to get equal time for their plot lines, and they all seemed to advance a good deal as well. It just gives ever more reason to keep watching, and I’m perfectly ok to do so.


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