The Walking Dead: “Say The Word” Review

See that smirk? That's the smirk of an ignorant ho.

The fifth episode this season, Say The Word is understandably slower and spends its time equally split between the aftermath of the last episode as Team Rick tries to move on, and Andrea’s antics at Woodbury. Spoilers as usual.

The episode picks up right where it left off: Rick is stunned by the last episode’s events, having 1/3 of his entire motivation and reason for his action for the past 2 seasons died. He actually goes into a sort of berserker rage, grabbing an axe and heading into the prison alone to cut down walkers in a bloody path of angst. He takes some time to crazily stab the bloated walker that has seemingly eaten Lori’s body, and crazily hurls Glenn away from him when he tries to talk Rick back to the group. His only line is “Hello?” when he answers a ringing telephone in the same maintenence room where Lori died. The episode naturally ends before we find out who the mysterious caller is.

He actually wears crazed/distraught really well. Too bad he has to go through…stuff.

The rest of team Rick spends their time trying to feed the new nameless baby girl among them. Daryl and Maggie manage to find formula and supplies at a nearby daycare, while the groups newest members, the former prisoners Oscar and Axel, help dig graves for the fallen Lori, T-Dog, and Carol. Although I have my serious doubts about Carol’s “death”. Pics or it didn’t happen, y’all. Meanwhile, Glenn and Hershel have a genuinely heartwarming father/son moment, and the group gathers to watch Daryl feed their littlest member and discuss baby names. There’s a few winners, including Andrea, Lori, Carol 2, and Asskicker. It was lovely.

It’s all genuinely sweet, and it’s nice to see the group have a reason to laugh and be a bit merry, despite recent events.

In Woodbury, we see that the Governor is holding his walker daughter in a straight jacket, and taking time to brush her hair despite her scalp coming off in gross pieces. He’s also maybe seen by Michonne, though it’s ambiguous if she knows what she’s looking at. Though that doesn’t curtail her snooping of the town, and she takes back her sword and runs accross some caged walkers that she releases and spectacularly slices apart. She’s discovered and brought before the Gov. They have a subtle duel of words and she finally has enough, pulling her sword on him. She pushes Andrea to leave, citing her bad feelings about the place. Despite arguing with her after defending Michonne’s actions to the Governor, Andrea resolves to leave with her. Only she changes her mind at the last minute and Michonne leaves without her.

Besides the danger, this can’t be sanitary. Like, at all.

Left alone, Andrea is very receptive of the Governor’s offer for companionship, and accompanies him as his “date” to the town’s party that evening. Despite a nice time, Andrea turns sour at their choice of entertainment: Merle vs. Martinez in a ring of walkers. Despite the Governor telling her it’s staged and having their teeth removed, Andrea is repulsed. She realizes Michonne must have been on to something and is appalled at the Governor’s attitude.

Well that, and she was watching this. Hard to tell which is more disturbing…

Other events include Daryl placing a Cherokee Rose on Carol’s grave, and a small plot line involving Milton, the Governor’s head of research joining Merle and his team to caprute walkers, and complaining about using power for the party instead of his experiments. Naturally, he’s put down by the alpha males and sits around looking put off. It’s funny. Oh, and Daryl’s reaction and care of the baby has launched fangirls into a frenzy. Granted he really was the breakout star of the episode. But there’s a disturbing amount of Tumblr bandwith now devoted to just gifs of him from this episode. Seriously.

No, that wasn’t a plane crash you heard on Sunday. It was this.

This episode was naturally much slower paced than the one before, but I think it works to it’s benefit. They treated Rick totally right, as I was afraid they might have him up and about like nothing happened. His lack of dialogue minus his one line was highly effective and appropriate. And speaking of that one line, who the hell was the caller on the other end of the phone?? My guess is Carol. She got lost, found an internal phone system and just started trying. Or it could be some more prisoners or prison staff. But my money’s on Carol. Let’s hope Rick doesn’t hang up on her…

SIKE! It’s Lori! She’s baaaack!

The rest of the group’s interactions felt appropriate as well, as they rallied to find food for the baby girl that popped into their lives. Maggie stepped up again and went with Daryl to find baby supplies, there by solidifying her as my favorite character. Daryl’s never been my favorite, but I loved his taking care of the baby and it was cool seeing him rally the group effortlessly in Rick’s absence. Plus, Oscar and Axel made a bit more headway into their group membership, which seems to be an appropriately slow going process.

Good Guy Daryl proves his honor again and again.

The stuff in Woodbury…was little cliche. Although portrayed well, I feel like Andrea’s reactions to Michonne were played, despite her semi decision to go with her. However she did have her back when the Governor confronted her about Michonne’s actions and I enjoyed that. Though it made her character seem a bit crazy. Maybe she is. Tough world after all. Michonne’s actions also seemed a little manic, and I’m not sure what she expected to happen. I wish she were a bit more ninja in her methods, but that “f— off” attitude of hers just won’t quit. Great against walkers, not so much for espionage.

Oh Michonne…well at least she has the skill to back it up.

Discovering the Governor’s daughter wasn’t too surprising, nor was their choice of entertainment. I felt Andrea’s reation to the Zombie MMA Cage Fighting Extravaganza was appropriate however, and I liked her argument that it just made the people complacent with something they should fear. Despite her thick headed willingness to believe anything for a bed and a good lay, I felt they ended the episode with her correctly. She finally settled on her convictions, and lets hope she doesn’t wash on em next episode. Probably will.

He’ll put that vest back on an BAM. Andrea’s in bed. That or he’ll give orders to people. That usually sends her over the moon.

Great episode. The word I can best use to describe the whole thing would be “appropriate”. It was the perfect follow up to the last episode’s events, while still pushing the Woodbury story lines along. My only problem now is wondering who was on the damn phone. Come on Carol!

The only thing scarier than the zombie apocalypse…


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