Walking Dead: “Sick” Review


The fight for Hershel’s life is on, while the fight to maintain their place in the prison is threatened by some prisoners who witnessed Hershel’s leg being lopped off. It’s all quite serious y’all.

As usual, spoilers ahead, and it’s available now on Amazon Instant, so no complainies.

Poor Hershel. Looses his family, friends and now his leg.

When we left off last week, Hershel had been bit during a group outing, only to have Rick chop his leg off in an effort to save his life. In the background of this little floor show were five prisoners who had been locked in the commissary by a guard when the outbreak happened, and unable to get out for the past 10 months. Now free, they follow Rick and company back to their haven, and their leader Tomas starts to lay claim on his old cell block, the group’s new home. Rick works out a tense alliance with the five that sees the group gaining half of whats left of the commissary’s food, and helping the prisoners clear out another block to call their own.

Things get messy when the prisoners refuse to listen to Rick, Daryl and T-Dog’s instructions on how to kill walkers, causing even more friction. Things come to a head when Tomas unleashes a horde of walkers during their attempt to clear the block, overwhelming the group. He then “accidentally” throws a walker onto Rick, sending him to the ground and then misses Rick by mere inches with a swing of his weapon. After the walkers are taken down, Rick confronts Tomas briefly  before taking a machete to his head. Another of the prisoners runs off, only to be swarmed himself. The remaining 2 (the third prisoner had been bit, only for Tomas to beat him to death) are left in their new cell block home to fend for themselves.

And then there were two…but it’s cool. The guy on the right was pretty crazy. “Totes cray cray” as the kids say.

Crowning moment of awesome.

Meanwhile at home base, Glenn has been put on watch to shoot Hershel quickly, should he die. Maggie and Beth are distraught, but Maggie is ready to let her father go, as she believes he’ll find peace after all that he’s endured during the whole end of the world ordeal. Carl, however, has been doing some looting, and managed to find the infirmary by himself, taking out 2 walkers in the process. The usually ungrateful Lori scolds him, and everything gets all tense, despite the fact that they can now bandage Hershel properly.

With Hershel stabilized, but not in the clear just yet, Carol pulls Glenn from his vigil with a very important thing that needs doing right then and there, no waiting. This oh so important errand? Why biology class of course! Carol wants to prepare herself to perform a c-section on Lori in the event that Hershel doesn’t make it, and plans to practice on a female walker out in the prison yard. An inspired idea, if a little awkward on the timing.

“Don’t worry everyone! I’ve suddenly learned the subtle art of not being useless! For now.”

Finally, Hershel stops breathing while Glenn helps Carol wrassle up a walker, and things get tense. While Maggie and Beth watch on, Lori performs mouth to mouth, bringing Hershel back. Not before he grabs her, scaring everyone and prompting Carl to whip out his gun. But alas, Lori saved him and netted herself some brownie points that will probably go much farther than they should. That being said, her and Rick finally talk about her being a massive tool, and they seemed to agree on what amounts to a post apocalyptic separation. He did give her a pat on the shoulder though. And didn’t look at her once. It was sweet.

“Thanks…for like…doing the least you could…and stuff. No no…I’ll let myself out.”

No sign of Michonne and Andrea, makes me a little sad, as I once liked Andrea, and now find myself not caring much about her. Hopefully their arrival won’t feel tacked on and awkward. However, there was someone watching Carol from the bushes, so maybe that’s them? Who knows.

Once again, great episode. Suspenseful out the wazoo. I was sweating Hershel’s death, so I’m glad to see he’s pulled through. I once again found myself liking Maggie above everyone else, as I thought her accepting her father’s potential death as genuine and completely within character.

“Daddy’s dyin…but I’ll carry on……..being awesome.”

Once again, Lori makes a stupid decision, this time scolding Carl for finding the damn infirmary in their moment of need. He’s been packin heat this whole time, running around like a damn cowboy ninja, and she chooses now, one of his best accomplishments, to scold him. She should have praised him, then taken him aside later to calmly explain stuff. But this is Lori, and she’s totally preggers, and no stranger to rash decision making, so it wasn’t unusual. Her continued quest to please Rick should be recognized  however, as I don’t think she’s irredeemable. There was a time when she was my favorite character, until they wrote her into a nitwit. I guess only time will tell.

My only real gripe with this episode was Carol’s insistence to start studying female anatomy at this exact moment. It was ill timed, and I felt it was awkward. My only guess is that they wanted to show it but couldn’t find space in another episode. That’s not to say I didn’t think it was wrong move. Just awkward timing and execution.

Well folks, until next week, where we finally get to meet the Governor, catch up with Michonne and a much healthier Andrea, and also run into an old…friend.

She’s alive! It’s a Christmas miracle!!


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