Walking Dead: “Walk With Me” Review

The Governor finally makes his appearance.

This weekend was all about Andrea, Michonne, and The Governor. Oh and Merle’s back in his twisted little glory.

This episode was a much more sedate one than usual, with nearly all of the tension coming from character interaction, and very little due to the “creepers” as the Govenor and his people call them. Spoilers will, as usual, follow.

We start with Andrea and Michonne witnessing a helicopter crash. They trek to it to find a military helicopter with about four dead soldiers, and one severely wounded. Before they get to into it however, a mysterious bunch comes in, kills some walkers and the remaining soldiers and takes the survivor. In an attempt to remain hidden, Michonne silently beheads her two chained walkers, as they were beginning to get agitated. It’s all to no avail, however, as Merle has already come upon them. Andrea then faints, and the women are taken by the group to their base.

There, Andrea is patched up, and has a tense reunion with Merele who is now sporting a stylish new metal covering for his used to be hand, complete with knife attachment. Uncomfortable and on edge without her sword, Michonne stands mostly silent during their talk, and the meeting with the Governor. They are given a room, and an armed guard, as they’re new and untrusted. This stirs up some friction between Michonne and Andrea, as Andrea is quickly coming to enjoy the set up the compound has, while Michonne doesn’t trust any of it. This leads to a mini argument, with Andrea accusing Michonne of not letting her in, and not even telling her who the two chained walkers were, for the past seven months. Michonne, obviously heartbroken, assures her that she knows all she needs to, and that she can trust her. This is where it gets a bit LifeTime movie of the week, but these two strong women manage to keep things real, without getting sappy.

Finally, the Governor and his team run a tight ship, with mandatory curfews and constant armed guards. They’re well outfitted with supplies, medicine, food, and shelter. The kids go to school and the adults work. The set up worries Andrea and Michonne at first, but Andrea seems to be taken in by the Governor’s no nonsense/for the people attitude. She was a civil rights attorney after all. Michonne mostly spends her time glaring and gazing longingly at the glass cabinet holding her sword.

“But Michooooonnne! You are so selfish! Why won’t you tell me your life story! You wasted all this time, like, saving my ass a lot and you can’t even level with me and stuff?”

Things really get awkward when the Governor, his right hand man/science guy Milton, Andrea and Michonne have breakfast together. Milton is intrigued by Michonne’s use of the chained walkers as camoflague, and her disabling of them. He also notices that they’re starving, though instead of killing them it merely makes them docile. When he asks who the two were, Michonne’s eyes manage to become even wider and more scary than before, and the Governor stops his prodding.

Breakfast hasn’t been this awkward since…sorry I’m tapped. Feel free to add your own witty remark. We’ll pretend I said it…

Finally, after getting the surving soldier from the plane crash to tell where his camp was, the Governor goes to meet with them. He sets up an ambush however, and his men kill the remaining soldiers quickly, without them firing off a single shot. They then loot the corpses, take their vehicles and supplies, and present them to the compound. The Governor gives a rousing speech about their being dead when they got there, and how their sacrifice allows the compound to carry on. That night, he retreats to a room in his apartment that holds a lazy boy and a wall full what appear to be fish tanks. In the tanks are severed heads, including the two of Michonne’s former pet walkers, and the surviving soldier from the helicopter crash. Roll credits.

All in all a good episode. This one had me saying “Whaaaat??” more than any other all series. It presented all sorts of odd tidbits and interactions and events that were merely the start of something. Case in point, Michonne’s pet walkers. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been mentioned in the series yet, and I could be wrong as my knowledge of the comic is limited, but I believe they were her brother and boyfriend. So her offing them so quickly made my eyes widen. Plus, she had a nice set up with them carrying all the loot. Carrying capacity decreased.

Also of note is Andrea’s consistent attraction to psychopaths. He’s a leader, fills out a padded vest nicely, is totes mysterious, and only goes by The Governor. It’s a wonder she hasn’t already dropped her pants.

It was nice to finally meet the Governor after all this build up. He has the right blend of charm and sociopathy to make a great villain so I think he’ll be a delight to watch. I can’t tell if he really believes his own speeches or if he’s just using it as a front for now. And his science guy Milton is decidedly creepy as well, but in a more clinical sense. However it seems that he isn’t bad per se, just socially inept. And by inept I mean awkward. Like a lot of awkward. A whole suit of awkward.

Finally, Merle’s return was cool enough. It was interesting to see his reaction to Andrea, and the events after his abandonment. His new gizmo is also pretty nifty, and should please the steampunk lovers a little bit. I did notice the only “insult” he threw at Michonne was to call her “mute”. I’m not sure if he was holding his racism back, or if he changed over the last year or so. Hard to tell, as his attitude is certainly still in place.

Merle Dixon is sporting the latest in amputee zombie apocalypse fashion: The C. Hook Everyday Bracer, with optional knife attachment.

A much more sedate and slower paced episode than the last few, “Walk With Me” seemed to be just as compelling as the rest of season 3. I would have liked to see more Merle, but I suppose we have all season. And I’m intrigued to find out how the two groups will come together, as I was under the impression that the Governor was going to already have his people set up in the prison where Team Rick were staying. In the end, the episode served as a sort of respite from the last two episodes of hecticness. It helps drive home Andrea’s own feelings of feeling safe and relaxed within the Governor’s compound. It really helped to get you into Andrea’s frame of mind, and made Michonne’s alarming looks and suspicion all the more impactful. How long will it all last? Not too long I expect. Not Greene Farm long hopefully.


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